svētdiena, 2008. gada 30. novembris

Marta's campaign archive

Our dear Marta...her campaign list is impressive!
Moschino Jeans

Dolce & Gabbana









Svieta's polaroids

Grieta's polaroids

Ginta's polaroids

polas courtesy of Women

piektdiena, 2008. gada 28. novembris

Luize Salmgrieze for Iceberg Ice fw0809

Helena Magone for Alexander McQueen

Ginta in Victoria's Secret catalog

Vanity Fair Italy december 2008 - Ginta Lapina

photographer Alan Gelati

Kristine Zandmane

Kristine Zandmane is with Vacatio /Riga/, Women /Paris,Milan/, Modelwerk /Hamburg/ and View /Barcelona/. She has done amazing printwork. I'm gonna post some editorials later, stay tuned!

Lelde Malina

Lelde Malina has really unusual beauty. She is signed with 2B Models /Riga/, Elite /Milan/ and NY Models /New York/. I noticed Lelde this summer at Josep Font couture show in Paris.

Alise Rozkalne

Alise Rozkalne is with 2B Models /Riga/ and Ford /NY/. Just look at this picture shot by Natalie Berezina!!! Pure beauty.

Dana Stuce

One more amazing girl represented by 2B Models! She already has agency in New York. It's Ford. Go Dana!!!

Liga Melne

This blonde beauty is signed with IMG worldwide and they take good care of her. Nice editorial work, Liga!

Alise Piraga

Just look at her! Isn't she amazing? No wonder why to2w added her on their website!
Alise Piraga is one of 2B Models hot new faces. She is also with Studio KLRP /Paris/.

Eliza Zake

Stunning new face Eliza Zake appeared in ZOO magazine...since that I really like her. Eliza is with Natalie /Riga/, City /Paris/ and Zucca/Tokyo/.

Elle Germany november 2008 - Ilze Bajare

Lina Mihailova

I red on that she has a ressemblance with Liv Tyler and I have to agree!
Lina Mihailova doesn't have an agency in Riga. She is signed with Major /Paris, Milan/.

Marta Berzkalna

Everybody knows her name and who she is. Marta Berzkalna is a legend, she has been in this business for years.
She is one of the most succesful latvian models around. Marta has been face of D&G, Valentino, Moschino....and I can go on and on. She is represented by Grace models /Moscow/, City /Paris/, Fashion /Milan/ and Elite /New York/.

Ilze Bajare

latvian beauty Ilze Bajare is signed with Next! top agency for a top girl!

Ginta Lapina

This blond beauty who appeared in Victoria's Secret catalog recently left Mc2 /NY/. Now she's with Women /NY, Paris, Milan/, FM models / London/ and Dandy /Riga/.

Madara Malmane

I guess Madara Malmane is Gints Bude model management's best model. And there is a reason...she has worked for magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle etc. Madara is signed with IMG worldwide.